Best CO2 Bags: 2023 Reviews (Top Picks) And Guide

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One of the first lessons learned in biology classes is that animals breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Photosynthesis processes by plants use up this carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. It is a symbiotic relationship between plants and animals that create the perfect balance.

However, with global warming on the horizon, it has become more and more necessary for plants to grow faster and healthier. It is, therefore, imperative for farmers to use the best CO2 bags to increase the duration that photosynthesis takes to happen.

The kits reduce the time it takes for plants to germinate and produce flowers. Your plants are not the only ones that benefit from the increased CO2 levels. Here are a few benefits that your plants will get from CO2:

  • Increases the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere
  • Allows plants to grow faster
  • Enables plants to require fewer resources
  • Reduces the harmful effects of carbon emissions on the environment

What are CO2 Bags?

Once you have your greenhouse or Grow room ready, there are a few things you have to know. Plants can consume up to 1500PPM of CO2 each day. It shows that if there is not enough ventilation in a room, plants will use up all the carbon and will not grow as much as they should.

On the other hand, the more carbon you offer to your plants, the more they will germinate. CO2 bags allow you to supplement up to 30 percent of CO2 for your plants. These bags release a controlled amount of carbon dioxide into the grow room for your plants.

The bags have three parts, a regulator, a controller, and a tank. The tank acts as storage for the carbon while the regulator controls the amount of carbon released. The controller is electronic and regulates the amount of CO2 released each hour.

When the regulator and controller are not working as they should, they could release too much carbon it that could be toxic to the plants.

How to Choose the Best Co2 Bags for grow room/grow tent

There is numerous plastic grow bags on the market. It is therefore vital that you buy the right one. Here are a few things you need to consider to ensure that you have purchased the correct bags for your grow room.

The right kit will be economical and helpful to your plants while the wrong one may cause you more problems than solutions.

Size of the Grow Rooms

It is critical to consider just how big your grow room is. The more significant it is, the more CO2 supply will be required. Larger grow rooms will have more plants. You, therefore, need bags with the capacity to fill the grow rooms with enough carbon for all the plants.

If you get a small bag for bigger rooms, plants closer to the pack will grow bigger than plants further away from the bags. In the same way, smaller tents need small bags. Bigger bags may cause the carbon levels to become toxic to the plants.

Sometimes, you may have to use two CO2 bags for bigger rooms, therefore, ensure that they are well-regulated to give the right amount of CO2 to your plants.


The prices of CO2 bags vary depending on their size and the features included. You have to ensure that you have the right features and the regulator capacity is as you require. For the best results, you need to be ready to spend a little more on the bags.

Most people assume that cheap is always the worse. When buying items, this is rarely the case. There is so much competition in the market that each company is working hard to capture the attention of potential buyers. Therefore, manufacturers are giving their customers more functionality for less.

The following are the leaders in CO2 bags on the market:


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ExHale Micro Co2 Bag

ExHale Micro Co2 Bag removebg preview

Brand - Exhale 

For 3 months

Simple to use

Weight - 1.3 pounds

Exhale – Homegrown Co2

Exhale Homegrown Co2 removebg preview

Brand - ExHale 

Brand - ExHale 

Lasts up to 6 months

Weight - 2.48 pounds

Homegrown CO2 Bag

Homegrown CO2 Bag removebg preview


Lasts 6 months

Natural CO2

Weight - 5.9 ounces

ExHale Micro CO2 Bag

ExHale Micro CO2 Bag

Plants require more care than the usual watering and weeding process. You must ensure that your plantation gets an adequate supply of everything including CO2. With your small grow space, ExHale micro CO2 bag will correctly serve the purpose. The best thing about ExHale is that you can use it for both vegetative plants as well as flower and fruit production.

However, the way you position your bag will determine whether the plants get enough or excess supply for the day. Keeping the container at a higher position guarantees that the grow room has the best measure of CO2 in 24 hours for a maximum of 3 months.

Additionally, if the room has ventilation, your bag should be close to the fresh air intake for better germination of the plant. The kit does not require special maintenance. Therefore, you will have enough time to attend to the plant and other responsibilities. It has a high-quality design to ensure longevity and stability.

ExHale Homegrown CO2 with Hanger and THCiTY Gloves

ExHale Homegrown CO2 Bag Homegrown with Hanger for Grow Rooms Tents Stakes

When planting in your small homegrown space, the need of having the right resources is essential. Investing in an ExHale homegrown CO2 bag will guarantee proper growth for your plantation for several years. The kit also comes with THCiTY gloves for your safety during the process.

It also comes with hangers, therefore, saving you the cost. The XL size of this bag will ensure that your plantation has enough supply for a maximum of 6 months. If you buy the XL size, this is equivalent to 288 cubic feet. In other words, it will cover a large area of about 6×6 feet for six months with at least 24 hours of continuous supply.

The bag has a free-to-maintain design. It does not require any electricity or heat to power it up. Once in a better hanging position, the pack will release CO2 and ensure your plant receives adequate air supply every hour. Additionally, since the CO2 is more substantial than O2, it will naturally precipitate downwards.

ExHale CO2 ExHale XL CO2 Bag

ExHale CO2 ExHale XL CO2 Bag

Are you searching for ways to manage your grow room? The ExHale XL CO2 bag will do the magic. Carbon oxide is just as vital to plants as oxygen is to humans. Therefore, when you have a reliable supply, your plants will develop and provide more results.

With this bag in your grow space, you will have control of your plant from the first stage to the flower and Germination stage. The pack contains enough air that will keep your plants secure for a maximum of six months. The XL size is large to fit up to a 6×6 feet space or equivalent to 288 cubic feet.

The best thing about this bag, it will not give you a hard time maintaining and taking care of it. The bag has a durable construction to ensure it lasts longer. The design also allows a comfortable and convenient release of CO2 for the plant to get the right measure for the day.

Homegrown Exhale XL CO2 Bag Indoor Gardening Roots & Foliage Mushroom Bags

Homegrown Exhale XL CO2 Bag Indoor Gardening Roots Foliage Mushroom Bags

Exhale has been on the market for a very long time now. Therefore, as the seasons change, the company has been enhancing its products to provide customers with quality products. With this homegrown ExHale bag, your small gardening space will produce the best.

This bag ensures to supply your grow room with enough air for 24 hours for six months. Unlike other kits, it guarantees that for the six months period, your plant receives more than twice the required amount of air.

With a convenient and robust design, the bag guarantees longevity without any maintainers. Additionally, this bag uses mycelial force to pass the air. Therefore, it does not need electricity or any other power mechanism to work.

As the days pass, you will notice a change in the mycelial mass. The difference will tell the level of CO2 in the bag and if it is due for refilling.

Exhale – Homegrown Co2 for Your Indoor Plants

Exhale Homegrown Co2 for Your Indoor Plants

Let your plants function to their fullness by using this ExHale CO2 for indoor plants. CO2 is essential in the process of photosynthesis. However, when your plants are growing in an indoor environment, they do not get enough CO2 and sunlight, which are the main components of the process.

Therefore, you will have to plan how to supply CO2 for photosynthesis to take place. If that is the problem you are facing, then it’s time to take a break and use your time for something else. ExHale is suitable for vegetative plant growth, as well as flower and fruit production. It also guarantees that you are round plantation will benefit from the same bag.

The bag has a durable design and does not require any maintainers. It has breather patches that release portions of CO2 continuously for six months without refilling. Also once you have this bag, you do not need to keep turning it on or off as it will automatically turn on when it is full and off when out of the air.

ExHale Homegrown CO2 Bag Homegrown with Hanger for Grow Rooms & Tents + Stakes

ExHale Homegrown CO2 with Hanger and THCiTY Gloves

Your indoor plants require much time to cultivate and grow. On other occasions, the indoor plantation lacks enough supply of sunlight and CO2, which affects the process of photosynthesis. However, that should not be the case for your plant. The homegrown ExHale CO2 bag ensures your indoor plants have a standard production system as the open-air plantation.

The bag comes with THCiTY gloves to keep your hands safe all the time. With every purchase of CO2, you will get free gloves to use within that period. Additionally, it has a durable design and does not require any maintainers.

All you need is to place the bag slightly above the plant. Its weight will readily precipitate towards the plant to ensure it gets the right measure for the day. It does not need to have any external power to keep it running.

How to Make Easy and Cheap CO2 for Plants

If you are working with a meager budget, there are still numerous options that you can use to get the carbon levels in your to grow tent at the appropriate levels. If you want to learn how to make your own CO2 bags, you can use baking soda and vinegar to eliminate excess water and heat from the room.

It helps increase the CO2 levels in your tent and helps your plants grow bigger and healthier without drilling a hole in your wallet. Fermentation is the safest and most excellent method to produce cheap CO2.


Q: How long do these bags last?

A: The best buckets last for up to 3 months. They come filled with the amount of CO2 your plants will need for the duration of use.

Q: Where do you place the bags?

A: Most of these bags have hangers. The hangers allow you to put the bags in a central place in your Grow tent. They also make it convenient for you to get the amount of carbon to your plants in the right portions.

Q: Do putting two bags double the CO2 levels?

A: Yes. Two bags will double the amount of CO2 produced in your grow tent. You, therefore, have to know the capacity of your tent before you buy the bags.


There are some proven ways to improve the carbon dioxide in your grow tents and ultimately increase your yields. There are numerous cost-effective and functional tanks on the market. Once you have bought the right tank, your plants will flourish, and you will get higher yields.

With a higher yield comes a higher profit margin. If you are starting out, it will be easier and faster for you to break even and expand your tents.

Do you know any farmers who would benefit from the information in this article on the best CO2 bags? Well, feel free to share it on your social media pages. These tanks allow people to have improved air quality in their homes and make the planet a safer place to live.

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