Bee Suit Vs Jacket: How To Buy The Right Beekeeping Suit Or Jacket?

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With a hive tool, smoker, and other various tools in hand, beekeepers approach their beehives excitedly. Each keeper is eager to find what gifts the bees have been preparing. Before approaching the hives, there is one significant step to take, and that is to put protective clothing on your body and head.

However, beekeepers are different from laymen. Most non-specialists feel that honeybees exist to sting and will take each chance they get to do so. The good news is, beekeepers, know all the tricks and how the bees will behave.

Basic Comparison:





Beekeeper Suits

Eco Keeper Professional Grade Bee Suits

1.95 pounds

Easy to use

Easy to clean


Grade Bee Suits

Professional Grade Bee Suits



Drainage Hole

Floor Standing

Ultra-Breeze Jacket

Ultra Breeze Large Beekeeping Jacket


Light weight

2.56 pounds

Easy to use

While the honeybee is not all that eager to sting, there is still the chance of getting stung once or twice. Here is where quality protective clothing comes in handy. Which is best, Bee Suit Vs. Jacket? Wearing the proper clothing reduces the chance of those pesky stings. Some say the suit while others swear by the jacket.

Let’s look more closely at the difference between the two:

Bee SuitBee Jacket
Challenging to Take on and OffOff and on is Easy
Most Do Not Come with a Hood AttachedComes with a Hood
Protects the Entire BodyOnly Protects the Upper Body
Can Be Difficult to Move AroundEasy to Maneuver Around
Strained Peripheral VisionExcellent Peripheral Vision

How To Buy The Right Beekeeping Jacket or Suit

When you jump on the bandwagon of beekeeping, you will need to buy a bee suit or jacket. Even though you see videos of people handling bees with no protective clothing, do not try that trick at home if you are not a seasoned keeper.

Those individuals have been handling honeybees for a while and know all the tricks and trades of how to avoid stings. You will need to buy protective clothing, starting with a sting-proof suit or jacket. There is no reason to assume all the bees in a hive are a threat to you or anyone. However, you still need protection.

The truth is, the honey bee will only sting when they feel threatened, or the Queen Bee and the Hive are in danger. Therefore, if you see this through their eyes with a huge person approaching to disrupt their safe place, you would see this as a threat and attack, right?

How does a beekeeper pick the proper Bee suit or jacket? There are a few features you will need to look for to not overheat while ensuring you have protection. Let’s take a look at those.


The most vital feature you should invest time in understanding is the air ventilation of your bee suit or jacket and pants. It does not take long at all, (especially in the southern states) to become overheated.

Aerated suits are available, and you should be looking into buying this type during the summer heat. It is crucial that you stay as cool as possible while out in the fields tending to your hives. Either an aerated suit or at least one of the lighter-weighted suits make a perfect fit.


If you pay attention to the collectors in the fields or around a homestead, you will see that they all only wear white. However, do you know why? It is because bees do not care much, (or at all) for dark colors. If you can even find beekeeping protective clothing in any color other than white, be sure to leave it on the shelves.

When you are ready to buy your suits and accessories, stick with white or even lighter pastel colors that will not get the hive angry.


Finding a lightweight bee suit is vital. However, you should not sacrifice quality to do so. You will still want a suit made of excellent quality material to prevent you from feeling the stings.

Let’s face it—you are messing with bees and going through their hive. Chances are, you will be stung. It is just a matter of time, but if you have a bee suit made of good quality material, you may not feel the sting at all.

Your protective clothing is not the area you want to try to pinch pennies for savings. It will only take one time for your suit to fail to give you proper protection before you invest in a better suit. You may as well save yourself a lot of pain and buy a better one in the beginning.


You will need a suit with a veil. However, you do not have to buy a suit that has a veil combination. You can buy your suit and then your veil separately. However, most prefer to buy a suit that has one built-in. That is due to preventing it from sliding around and up the face exposing the facial area to the bees.

Some keepers prefer the rounded veil simply because it keeps bees further away from the face. A favorite suit is a type that comes with fencing or a collapsible veil. If you wear this type, you should consider wearing a baseball cap underneath to prevent it from standing further out from your face.


You need to invest in a suit with quality elastic and zippers around the waist, ankle, and wrist. Having this will guarantee that your suit stays down as it is supposed to prevent unwanted bees from finding their way inside your suit.

Buying a Beekeeping Jacket

Jackets worn to keep you safe while working with your bees are hands-down best-sellers thanks to their comfort. These are perfect for those quick trips to the houses to check on your hives. Jackets are easy to put on and simple to take off all while protecting your upper body and head. You also will stay cooler than when you wear a full suit.

The individual style for the headpiece typically dictates the jacket you prefer. There are those that fold back while not in use and others that provide a protective round zone around your head. You can also buy pants to wear with your jacket for lower body protection.

Best Bee Jacket with Hat and Veil:

Ultra-Breeze Large Beekeeping Jacket with Veil, 1-Unit, White


The Ultra Breeze Beekeeping Jacket with a Veil is the ultimate protection from bee stings. The beekeeping suit has three layers of ventilated mesh material. It is this depth of the material that gives incredible protection against painful stings while keeping your body cool.

Individuals give this product high ratings thanks to the easy-on easy-off design. The beekeeping suit has two-way YKK brass zippers, a roomy hood (detachable), and multiple pockets. This American-made product uses material that is of high-quality and impeccable workmanship.

Each size fits for comfort and is machine washable with a hood that can be hand washed. Be sure to double-check sizes before placing your order. To learn more about this suit as well as how to place your order, click on the link below.

Best Sting Proof Bee Suit:

Eco-Keeper Professional Grade Bee Suits, Beekeeper Suits, Beekeeping Suits


The Eco-Keeper Professional Grade Bee Suits has a featured design of a lightweight material that provides protection just as well if not better than the heavy-weighted suits. The suits have an innovative design of weaving tightly binding the threads together to prevent the stingers from penetrating the cloth.

While it is lighter, as well as the most comfortable, you still have super protection from bee stings. The veil is a two-layered hood— a self-supporting veil that is collapsible with zippers. This product will fit anyone up to 6ft 1 inch and 210 pounds.

For more information and to order yours today, click here.

Professional Grade Bee Suits. Complete Bee Keeper Suit


This Mattress-Safe professional grade bee suit comes complete with everything you need for super protection. The suit is a complete package tailored for those that find themselves treating insects that sting.

The material is heavy-duty cotton making it feel comfortable and does not bind when you need to bend over, thanks to the relaxed fit. The following are other features that are reasons why this product is a winner, these are:

The medium size will fit individuals up to 6’2.”

For more information and the avenue to place your order to get yours today, click here.


Q: Do Beekeeper Suits Work for Wasps?

A: Yes. The higher-quality made suits will protect against wasps and hornets. However, not just any suit will. You must either read the information with the suit to make certain or talk with a company representative. Keep in mind, if you buy the lower quality made suits, the odds are not in your favor for protection against wasps.


Buying the right protective suits or jackets is a necessity if you are not a seasoned beekeeper. You want protection as well as comfort. Keep in mind; it is vital that you stay hydrated and cooled off in scorching temperatures.

In many regions, the heat is already unbearable. Adding more layers can be deadly. That is why we pick the best for providing you with safety, comfort, and proper ventilation. Be wise when handling your bees.

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