DeWalt DW734 Vs. DW735 Vs. DW735X Planer: What Works?

DeWalt DW734 Vs. DW735 Vs. DW735X Planer

A wood planer is handy in reducing the thickness, smoothing the rough surfaces or natural flaws on your wood to produce high-quality pieces of furniture. Having the right wood planer means smooth, even cuts and a great finish. For woodwork enthusiasts, the bench top surface planers are an ideal and popular choice. They are lightweight, small enough … Read more

Firewood: A Homesteader’s Sustainable Heat Source (Ultimate Guide)


When winter is approaching, a well-cured, ample stack of firewood equals peace of mind for a homesteader focused on living a self-sufficient lifestyle. Homeowners that heat their homes with wood spend about half the costs as those who use more traditional sources of propane, oil, or electric baseboard heaters. Some homesteaders use wood heat as … Read more